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My Story

Primitive Boutique was established in 2021 after my teaching career at Penn State Abington. It embodies my journey towards authenticity and empowerment. The space is a reflection of my passions: being unapologetically true to myself, empowering my daughters, and connecting with like-minded individuals. At Primitive Boutique, we offer a warm shopping experience, featuring upcycled and unique apparel, accessories, and home decor. It's a soulful place where you can join in creating "primitive" pieces, allowing you or your loved ones to embrace and love the results.
Community is at the core of our story. Ambler, our home where we raised our daughters, is special to us. We tied the knot in Cape May in 2003 and found solace in the Cape May and Ocean City beaches during summers, making the shore a second home. Primitive Boutique is proudly Women-Owned and supports brands with meaningful community contributions.

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